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Questions about Adobe Photoshop and Animate CC

2017-08-06 22:25:47 by AndreaPadillaCollazo

So this newby of Photoshop and animate cc tries her best to practice on them for the last almost a week with them and the most ive used so far is Photoshop but I'm still very rusty so i will like very much some advice like doing very straight lines with the pen tool and drag photos for reference instead of going back and forth to Google.

If anyone could help me with that i will bow in respect and gratitude towards you cx. And if optional, i can do a drawing for you for free of anything you want cx. (planing on starting Commissions soon enough. $3.00 Sketches and full colored drawings but in my style)

Hope you've had a great mid year and hope it continues it does that way. If not dont worry. Im here for you  ^_^


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2017-08-07 09:50:11

Some advices about Photoshop? About what?

AndreaPadillaCollazo responds:

About how to use the program in stuff like art works or cartoons or posters and things like that.


2017-08-07 11:44:21

Aah. Interesting and good choice. But besides Photoshop, are other good programs for drawing and animations.
For example: if you want to make good drawings, try to use Paint Tool Sai, or Firealpaca. Good programs are Gimp, Paint Tool Sai and Flash (besides drawing you can animate, but I should remember the version) and much more. Maybe you'll not gonna believe me and you will say I'm joking, but also with the simple Paint program you can make nice artworks (good for me because simple and has the brushes).
But now, if you want something more developed and about photoshop the best version is Photoshop CS6. Has all the kinds of brushes and palette colours and of course you will need another kind of tablet, the Wacom's are the best.

AndreaPadillaCollazo responds:

I've heard about Wacom tablets and Id LOVE to get one but I'm still a poor college student who needs money for that kind of stuff. For now i have a Parblo tablet. its very cheep and pretty easy to use (for a newby like me). But thank you so so much for the recommendations cx


2017-08-07 11:47:18

But now are only few things that I've heard, I'm not really a profesional but you can find more info here on Newgrounds :)

AndreaPadillaCollazo responds:

thank you so so much cx


2017-08-08 00:15:33

I think I have an idea. If you are improving more in your artstyle, you can participate to Jazza's contests. For example, till 19 August is UNTRADITIONAL contest where you must use untraditional tools (wood, make up, desk markers, sand, coffee, anything) and is on two categories for beginners and the open category. On both categories the prizes are big, a Wacom tablet and more. But there if you participate you must do everything for fun, not for the prizes because from the start you will lose. So...

AndreaPadillaCollazo responds:

i was gonna participate but i dont have money to buy the materials i would use for for the project i would create for the compatition. But I'm still gonna do the piece and maybe when i get the chance and make some time, can try to enter next months competition cx


2017-08-08 11:14:35

...materials? If you want you can use desk markers (cheap ones, not really expensive), or sticky notes, the rest from the pencils anything. Here an example:

AndreaPadillaCollazo responds:

that one looks amazing but my idea had the materials of light and transparent paper