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So this newby of Photoshop and animate cc tries her best to practice on them for the last almost a week with them and the most ive used so far is Photoshop but I'm still very rusty so i will like very much some advice like doing very straight lines with the pen tool and drag photos for reference instead of going back and forth to Google.

If anyone could help me with that i will bow in respect and gratitude towards you cx. And if optional, i can do a drawing for you for free of anything you want cx. (planing on starting Commissions soon enough. $3.00 Sketches and full colored drawings but in my style)

Hope you've had a great mid year and hope it continues it does that way. If not dont worry. Im here for you  ^_^

Andri Creates

2016-07-01 13:33:21 by AndreaPadillaCollazo

Hello everyone!! So i made a facebook page called "Andri Creates", where basically is a page where every time I get to do a live stream, people can tell me what can I draw and the audience can help me with how it can turn out

Hello everyone. Thank you for the few people who has liked and told me creative createcisum about my art. I just want to know if anyone could help me how to make a live stream. I've noticed that taking suggestions from people and making art really makes me happy and i want to start that but i don't know how to make one or have the equipment, just the camara from my iPod or laptop. Can anyone help me?

My first time

2015-12-12 22:23:54 by AndreaPadillaCollazo

Hello. My name is Andrea. I concider myself as an artist because i work hard for my art and i am passionate about it. As you can see, i have a lot to learn but i hope that i am apressiated here for my art, that i can learn more from all of you and soon enough i can buy and sale art so i can mantane myself when I'm off to College. I just hope you apressiate what i do and hope i can meet cool people here and share our thoughts, emotions and laughter through art. 

Have a good night/day/whatever time it is out there